RESME project is having own workshop at FESET seminar in Turku. The topic of the seminar is ”New Horizons for Social Education. Interdisciplinary dimentions of education and research & Interprofessional reality of practices”.

RESME workshop: ”Multiprofessional practices between child protection and mental health treatment”

– Jorge Fernández del Valle: Attitudes and expectations to co-operation among professionals from child protection and mental health care – European perspective

– Astrid Jörns-Presentati: Cooperation on the borderline between residential child care and mental health services in Germany

– Alina Petrauskiene & Jolanta Pivoriene: Mental health services at tertiary level for children from residential child care: Professionals’ point of view from Lithuanian

– Mari Lahti & Eeva Timonen-Kallio: Multiprofessional continuing training in residential child care – when ’education’ and mental health care meets. Experiences from Finland


More information about the seminar on  FESET website

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